2023 Prophetic Word for the World

2023 Prophetic Word for the World

Here is a prophetic word for the world for the year of 2023 and beyond following a three year global pandemic (2020-2022).¬† Paul has delivered prophetic words around the world to people, churches and organizations. Paul has lived in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Paul has graduated from 3 Bible Colleges, earned 4 Master degrees with honors, traveled to 90 nations and written 90 books. Most importantly, Paul knows the Word of God, hears the voice of God, speaks truthfully and honestly with humility to share the prophetic words God gives him without apology. People are tired of pillow prophets and hunger for truth, accuracy, divine direction, revelation and insight. Paul’s 2023 prophetic word for the world is revealing, promises to expose the governments of nations (in bed with pharmaceutical companies for profit while preying on their own people for personal gain), raise up and exalt the church of Jesus Christ, set the captives free and restore freedom to those willing to abandon all and follow Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.








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