California Government Websites 

California Government Websites



California Government Websites and Departments of Health


This list is growing. Feel free to share your city or county’s department of health website to Paul at RevivingNations@yahoo,com please.


California State Portal 


California Agency Search 


California Board of Accountancy 


California State Treasury 


CA Department of Consumer Affairs – Acupuncture Board 


California Department of Public Health 


California Department of Managed Health Care


Orange County Government


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 


County of San Mateo 


California Healthy Families 


San Bernardino County 


San Francisco Department of Health 


Alameda County Health Care Services Agency – Public Health Department 


Sacramento County – Department of Health Services 


San Diego – Health & Human Services Agency 


County of Los Angeles Public Health 


Long Beach Health & Human Services 


California Government Websites


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