College and University life is an invigorating time for young adults, who get their first taste of adult life, while living on their own away from parental supervision. Not surprisingly, the pressures and temptations of young adult life are many. Often college and university students get distracted from their primary purpose and the main reason they pursued higher education in the first place. Many college students perform poorly academically, squander their parents’ money and drop out of college and university during their first semester and year of study. 


 Paul’s purpose to pursue college ministry is to reach youth and young adults during the most critical and impressionable season of their life when they are away from parents, exploring new ideas, discovering and 

solidifying their identity, pinpointing their passion, searching for their lifelong purpose, endeavoring to be established in life, developing themselves foundationally for future career pursuits, choosing friends and social organizations with whom to align, grow, mature and evolve as they cultivate emotional intelligence, social and life skills, discernment and prepare to embark upon professional pursuits.


 College ministry is vitally important to solidify the importance of students’ core values, beliefs (about God, themselves, and others), assist students in their understanding of the developmental process to become the person they envision and dream of, learn how to properly relate and interact with others, live a well-balanced and disciplined life, protect themselves and their time, focus and purpose with proper boundaries, and behave properly in society with good moral and wholesome conduct to live a life of integrity.


 Moreover, as an international educator and college counselor himself, Paul knows how to teach and mentor youth and young adults. College ministry molds, shapes and prepares students for leadership by imparting spiritual vision, faith to conquer the cruel pressures and harsh circumstances of modern society, and by placing an emphasis on purity and integrity to preserve and propel youth and young adults to live purposefully.


 Paul F. Davis is an International Educator (licensed in Florida and California), Worldwide Minister, Inspirational Speaker, Wellness Trainer, UCLA certified University & Career Counselor and Author of 90 books who has touched 90 nations serving Governments, the U.S. Military, Companies, Cruise Lines, and Universities across the globe. Paul has earned 4 Master degrees with honors: Global Affairs (NYU), Global Food Law (MSU), Health (UoA) and Educational Leadership (UTA). Paul earned his undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Communications and Business from UCF. Paul has graduated from 3 Bible Colleges: Spirit Life Bible College (founded by Roberts Liardon, author of the God’s Generals series), Benny Hinn Institute and School of the Prophets (led by Bishop Bill Hamon). Paul has completed Chi Alpha Campus Ministry training with the Assemblies of God and Church Planting training with the International Foursquare Church. Paul speaks and ministers around the world crossing racial, ethnic, cultural, social, economic and religious barriers to reach, teach, love and lift humanity.



 College Ministry is often raw, real and unfiltered while engaging American young adults. Buckle up your safety belts and proceed with caution if you desire to work in college ministry. Our God’s Gone Wild video captures some eventful Friday nights witnessing on Orange Avenue, downtown Orlando, Florida with UCF youth sharing the Good News of Christ with young adults out partying. The young man making a toast to the United States within the video is from Ukraine (a nation Paul has traveled to a few times).


 There can be no IMPACT without CONTACT. Jesus was a friend of sinners (Luke 7:34), not afraid of being around their sin, vile speech, rough edges,

 rude ways, harsh insults and ungodly behavior; because only by approaching, unconditionally loving and patiently interacting with people could our Lord draw, endear, touch and transform them. Paul doesn’t premeditate how he speaks to anyone, but goes by his gut instincts and the leading of the Holy Spirit while having fun when doing college ministry. Paul sometimes uses humor, a question, or something clever to engage and communicate with people he does not know. Where the interaction and conversation flows thereafter, only God knows, but it most certainly is a wild ride and adventure.

 On the streets of Orlando, while out partying and once interrupted to talk about God, we heard young adults begin quoting Psalm 23, sing Jesus loves me, and one man ask Paul “put your hand on my head and pray for me” (revealing their spiritual understanding and discernment already).