American Expansion – Thomas Jefferson

American Expansion – Thomas Jefferson

american expansion

The wisdom of Thomas Jefferson to buy land in these 15 States (part of Canada and the strategic Mississippi River along with it’s port) from France in what was known as the Louisiana Purchase to double the land mass of the United States, throw off Spanish trade restrictions and tariffs to freely access and use the port of New Orleans to increase and accelerate our nation’s exports and firmly establish our freedom. 59 American politicians were in favor and 57 fools were against the acquisition. What a slim margin to decide the fate and strength of a nation. $18 per square mile was a pretty good price for a $15 million land acquisition doubling the size of the United States and geographically unifying a nation. Why did Napoleon sell such a prime piece of land? He needed money to wage war against Britain. Herein is a timeless lesson for all nations. War is expensive and costly. America’s wars without end abroad have buried the USA in $31 trillion dollars of debt, which if we are not careful may provide a means for other nations to one day lay claim to American land and possibly more. This is why the founding fathers discouraged going to war abroad. Thomas Jefferson didn’t have to go to war to buy land and increase homeland security for the United States and therein lies his genius.



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American Expansion – Thomas Jefferson

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