Vision, Purpose and Philosophy of Ministry

 The Holy Spirit has repeatedly told Paul to “Evangelize and write books.” It is there that God’s grace is most evident. Paul has a prophetic anointing wherewith he stirs and revives churches, bringing people into the Presence, Person, and Power of God.


 Childlike in heart, Paul recognizes that intimacy and communion with God is of utmost importance. Apart from daily hearing our heavenly Father’s voice in sweet fellowship, nothing else matters or quite satisfies.


 Paul seeks to challenge individuals and churches by prophetically preaching the Word of God and placing a demand upon their potential. He strives to add souls to God’s kingdom by adequately representing the Father heart of God. His desire is to impart the burden of the Lord for the lost and ignite hearts with the spirit of evangelism, that the end-time harvest of souls might be reaped throughout the earth. Paul strives to get people to take the limits off of God, to discover their uniqueness and heavenly calling, and to launch out into the deep with childlike faith to fulfill it. He endeavors to inspire God’s people to have fun while they get the job done, reminding humanity that God has better things for them (Hebrews 6:9). Imparting the fullness of God’s Spirit in love, power and wisdom to those to whom he ministers, Paul sets hearts ablaze for God and His kingdom.


 Paul strives to lead each person to Jesus, the head of the Church, and to acquaint every believer with the inward abiding Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that ultimately must lead and guide every child of God (John 16:13) into the fullness of the blessing of Christ and their personal inheritance (Romans 15:29; Acts 20:32). Thus Paul stresses the importance of hearing God’s voice and living in the supernatural (John 10:27; Acts 8:29-30; 1Kings 17:8-9). Every generation must both hear and see the Gospel, that is it must be both articulated and demonstrated.


 Emphasizing the importance of covenant relationships within God’s kingdom, Paul honors the local church and repeatedly reminds believers: “The first banana to get pealed is the one that gets separated from the bunch. None of us are as strong as all of us. Less of me and more of we. If God has given you a dream, it will require a dream team. If you don’t have a dream, get under a Pastor who does and work toward fulfilling the vision of your local church. What you make happen for others God will make happen for you. Be around people pregnant with purpose long enough and it will undoubtedly rub off on you!”


 In conjunction with the vision of his home church, Living Waters Church, Paul strives to:

1. Restore Lives  2. Raise Disciples  3. Release Leaders


 R Generation, the campus ministry to the University and High school students of the United States, is the vehicle through which we are building a new generation to revive the nations. Awaking America and the Church, we are positioned to recruit, train and deploy the soldiers of the cross throughout the world until the coming of the Lord. In addition to our worldwide outreach, here on the University campuses of America we are reaching out to the many international students from abroad and endeavoring to make church planters of them so when they return to their respective nations they can have an eternal impact.


 As an International Educator (licensed in Florida and California), a UCLA certified College and Career Counselor, certified Master Trainer (Association of Talent Development), Scholar who has earned 4 Master degrees with honors, Author of 90 books and World Traveler who has touched 90 Nations; Paul is well equipped to appeal to academics in higher education and to reach students on college and university campuses. As a former campus minister himself who served at UCF, Paul completed Chi Alpha campus ministry training with the Assemblies of God in Springfield, Missouri and church planting training with the International Foursquare Church.

 The body of Christ has been cheerleading long enough. It’s time for believers to get off of the pew and be activated in their heavenly callings and gifts. Every church member is a minister and therefore has something to contribute to the church and give to the world to show God’s glory. By teaching the fullness of God’s grace – unto salvation, sanctification, and to serve – Paul is equipping and empowering every believer. By activating the full body of Christ in the work of the ministry, nobody is being left crippled or on the sidelines as a spectator. Full participation and cooperation is our battle cry causing the disciples of Christ to greatly multiply.