Martin Luther King – Live Like A King

Martin Luther King – Live Like A King

MLK Day is a wonderful time to remember Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the moral leader of the United States of America, as he was introduced in our nation’s capital at Washington D.C. when he delivered his famous “I have a dream” speech. I had the honor and privilege of meeting Dr. King’s daughter Rev. Bernice King when she came and spoke at our church in southern California. Her sermon was “Great Expectations” as she continues the great legacy of Christian ministry that her father, grandfather and great-grandfather pioneered with their Pastoral work in Atlanta, Georgia at the legendary Ebenezer Baptist Church.

My daughter and I visited the Martin Luther King Memorial and MLK’s childhood home in Atlanta, Georgia two years ago during the summer and were impressed with all the Bible Scriptures boldly displayed revealing the source of Dr. King’s revelation, inspiration, writings and great oratory. Erected in front of the MLK Museum is a statue of Ghandi from India, another outstanding pioneer for social justice and peacemaker among humanity, whom Dr. King learned from and greatly respected. I also greatly respect Ghandi, as I have traveled and ministered throughout the magnificent nation of India on 5 tours and lived there for a year (being based out of Bangalore).

MLK Day is a time to remember the fiery leadership, conviction and passion of Dr. King and his battle against injustice, segregation, inequality and oppression of people (black and beyond). I showed my students “King In The Wilderness” (a documentary film on HBO about Dr. King following his assassination which was made by his family and close friends honoring his life, struggle and sacrifice) in the San Francisco Bay area last year at Parkside Middle School where I taught 8th grade.

Within that film, Dr. King reiterates his fight for equality rested on three pillars and main points of focus:

  1. Freedom and equal rights for African Americans
  2. Economic opportunity and empowerment
  3. Peacemaking and the struggle against the misuse of the military in wars abroad

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) spied on Dr. King’s wife Coretta Scott King for four years after Martin Luther King Jr. (her husband) was assassinated. The motivation was to see if she would continue to oppose the war in Vietnam as did MLK. Thus, Dr. King’s life of love and pursuit of peace caused the military-industrial-complex profiteers (inflicting pain and suffering on Vietnamese abroad) to fear, along with the American politicians in their pocket pursuing conflict in foreign “theaters of war.”

It just so happens I studied at Hanoi School of Business in Vietnam in 2011 and during that time visited Vietnam Petrol, which accounts for 20% of the nation’s entire gross domestic product monetarily. I watched a documentary at Vietnam Petrol showing how offshore oil and gas was discovered in the late 1960s in Vietnam, but they lacked the technology and skill to excavate and extract the natural resource. For this reason, Vietnam sought to partner with Russia, an oil and gas super power that had the skill and technology to assist them. Yet, the U.S. government did not like “the communists” as the Russians were called, nor their multinational oil and gas companies getting a hold on Vietnam oil and gas. Therefore the United States went to war purportedly and allegedly against “communism” and Russian influence in Vietnam, when in actuality once again the U.S. (as was the case in Iraq and Afghanistan) was fighting for geostrategic positioning to access oil and gas in Vietnam.

Yet, the brilliant leadership of Ho Chi Minh and the fierce fighting Vietnamese were able to defeat the Chinese, French and Americans to conquer three global superpowers and maintain their freedom and sovereignty as a people. I actually wrote a book after reading the writings of Ho Chi Minh, which I titled “Geostrategy to Protect Environmental Health” – after learning of the ecocide from the Vietnam War during which the U.S. military sprayed agent orange, a diabolical, toxic and deadly chemical from planes over the nation which has caused birth defects and deformities in Vietnamese children for three and four generations since the horrible, catastrophic and unnecessary war. One American soldier and veteran with a conscience returned to Vietnam after the war to start “Peace Village” to serve the children born with birth defects as a result of the American made and used agent orange against these innocent people.

As for slavery, we must live like a king (our beloved spiritual father MLK who fought for others liberation and freedom) and continue to fight for the enslaved and oppressed which still exist in the USA and around the world. Latino youth from Guatemala and Central America continue to work as slaves within the meat packing industry and poultry farms of the United States of America. Eastern European women from Ukraine and Romania have been seen working as prostitutes in brothels in New York City, some whom had their passports stolen from them and were forced into sex slavery. Slavery is still occurring in Brazil, Pakistan and elsewhere in the world (including parts of Africa, most likely Congo and Nigeria, where the poor are enslaved at a young age and children denied a proper education in these and many more nations).

Therefore this MLK Day I encourage you to pray, examine your heart and life, consider the words and speeches of Dr. King and consider what you can do to fight for social justice, freedom, liberation and be a voice for the oppressed somewhere (perhaps in your community, country, or elsewhere in the world).

Paul F. Davis




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Martin Luther King – Live Like A King


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RevivingNations@yahoo,com#india#mlkday#mlk#blm#black#blacklivesmatter#indiatiktok#mumbai#delhi#bollywood#gujarat#bangalore#kerala#punjab#georgia #usa

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