America is Sick – Murder Out of Control

America is Sick – Murder Out of Control

America is sick as the murder rate is out of control. This week a mother of three children, pregnant with her fourth child, was stabbed to death by two acquaintances in the state of Georgia. People lack self-control, emotional management, are full of envy, jealousy, hate, rate and are quick to erupt and behave violently.

     America is Sick РMurder Out of Control

This sick country must get it together quick before it fully unravels and riots erupt in the streets across our nation. Mental health counseling is needed across the nation, prayer, more church services and holistic education in school. People need to get offline and communicate face to face to heal their souls, wounded hearts and be reconciled. Reconciliation first to God must happen to remember all humans are created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26-28). Only then and thereafter will people begin to respect human life and the sanctity of life, it being precious, God birthed, inspired and sustained daily.

Love one another. Forgive and live. Lift up your eyes to God and let Him intervene in your situation. Stop trying to play God and giving place to your anger and hate. Pray, cleanse your heart and don’t let your hands do wrong. Love and sustain life. Stop stealing, killing and destroying lives (John 10:10) as this behavior is demonic and ungodly, resulting in imprisonment and self-destruction.

Pray for our nation. America is very sick and the murder rate appalling. Something must change. The change we need and seek must begin first and foremost in our hearts so we can see ourselves and our fellow man differently.

America is Sick – Murder Out of Control

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