Remove Age Spots – Remove Wrinkles

Remove Age Spots – Remove Wrinkles

If you like me need to remove age spots or remove wrinkles, old age may not be the culprit but rather the hard water you are bathing in and all the toxic heavy metals and cancer causing carcinogens therein.

I was shocked to recently discover the southern California city where I currently live has extremely high levels of cancer causing arsenic, carcinogens, heavy metals and other deadly toxins in the water I was showering and brushing my teeth with. It took me 6 months of using this toxic water to begin to question its quality, purity and dig deeper into environmental health websites to discover its lethal toxicity. Upon accessing these environmental health websites, I began to enter cities where I have lived in the past, including East Orlando and found the same hazardous, toxic cancer causing carcinogens within the water.

Meanwhile, was spending thousands of dollars visiting dermatologists, buying health and skin care products, along with thousands of dollars over the years in nutritional supplements. Yet, all the while the age spots and wrinkles appearing on my skin were directly related to the horribly toxic water I was bathing in, brushing my teeth with, and sometimes drinking. It was then I realized by not showering and bathing with such toxic water, nor brushing my teeth with it, my skin quality can be improved and I can thereby remove age spots and remove wrinkles. Here below is a great home water filtration system that does a more thorough job than most.

If you like me need to remove age spots or remove wrinkles, old age may not be the culprit but rather the hard water you are bathing in and all the toxic heavy metals and cancer causing carcinogens therein.

I urge you to consider installing a home water filtration system to ensure you and your family are safe. In Bangladesh for example it has been said 50 percent of the nation’s water has deadly arsenic within it, causing cancer and death. In Bangladesh, wells are marked green for safe and red for unsafe. The United States does nothing like this to warn its citizens of the toxicity of the water they are drinking, bathing in and brushing their teeth with. We should be however given the horrible quality of our water in many cities.

The Environmental Working Group revealed East Orlando, which gets its water from Orange County Utilities Department (OUCD) has above 1,023 times the levels of arsenic in the water that is deemed safe for human use.

Industrial development, mining, manufacturing, construction and concrete companies all contribute to the toxicity in our cities air and water. Many are burning things into the atmosphere, using the sky above as an open sewer to dispose of trash, tires, waste and carcinogens. Yet, when it rains, all the air pollutants return to the soil and our groundwater, which we in turn thereafter drink and shower with sadly. Construction workers dump paint and chemicals into the ground to dispose of them, rather than drive a long distance and pay a fee to properly dispose of these items at a governmentally run and regulated landfill. Immigrant workers and those earning minimum wage are not concerned about the environment and will usually not think twice, nor hesitate to pour paint and other chemicals in the ground to easily dispose of them, while disregarding the damage they do to groundwater below and the environment.

Thus, what we call age spots are often being caused by the toxic water we are using. Thus to remove age spots and remove wrinkles, instead of beginning with costly and painful botox (which I also have used a couple times), skin creams and nutritional supplements; the main culprit most often times is the water you daily use to wash your face, body and brush your teeth with.

After decades of struggling to figure out what is wrong with my skin, where the wrinkles, age spots and red spots are coming from; I realized it is not my diet, not work related stress, not a food allergy, not any of these, but rather the toxic water, which some call “hard water” (noting the heavy metals and cancer causing carcinogens therein) in which I was bathing and brushing my teeth daily (often showering in twice a day, before work and after exercising at the gym).

My last visit to see a doctor included me providing a blood test and urinalysis along with taking an x-ray. The doctor was shocked at my 52 resting pulse and asked me if I was an athlete saying I am in such good health. The x-ray technician said I am very young. Yet, my skin (hands, arms and chest had these nasty red and brown marks and I knew something was wrong). Before getting an x-ray down for my heart and internal organs, I noticed the receptionist (who appeared to be in her 40s had flawless skin). After checking in for my appointment, I asked her what she did to have such amazing skin (and told her about my skin condition). She sighed and told me that when she moved to this city, where I arrived 6 months ago, she and her young son had the same allergic reaction within days of arriving and showering in the water. She invested $8,000 to $10,000 in a water filtration system, which she financed and thereafter her skin condition immediately improved. The afternoon at the Kaiser clinic I endured a lot of testing and was repeatedly told I am in good health. Yet, never did a single doctor or nurse recognize the toxicity of the local water. It was the receptionist in the x-ray department who did. She was my divine appointment that day by which my suspicions were confirmed. The problem and source of my skin condition – age spots, wrinkles and marks was the toxic water, hard water as many locals called it.

A few days later at a school fire drill, when standing on the field with a substitute teacher, I noticed white spots on this Latina woman’s face. I stopped and asked her how long these spots had been there. She told me the depigmentation marks began six years ago when she moved to this city, where I now live and teach. Again, my suspicions were confirmed.

I was beginning to feel like Erin Brockovich (the environmental activist who Julia Roberts made a movie about and toxic water causing cancer in local residents near manufacturing and industrial facilities contaminating the water supply).

If you like me need to remove age spots or remove wrinkles, old age may not be the culprit but rather the hard water you are bathing in and all the toxic heavy metals and cancer causing carcinogens therein.

Paul F. Davis – Health Coach, Wellness Trainer, International Educator, Inspirational Speaker and Worldwide Minister who has earned 4 Master degrees (Health, Global Food Law, Educational Leadership, Global Affairs), authored 100 books and traveled to 90 nations speaking for the U.S. Military, Companies, Cruise Lines, Churches, Schools, Colleges and Universities across the globe.



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Remove Age Spots – Remove Wrinkles

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