God of Miracles – Special Miracles

God of Miracles – Special Miracles

We serve a God of miracles. A couple weeks ago at the gym I prayed for a young man’s broken wrist, who the doctor told would never heal. The high-school student said he would be unable to play baseball this season due to the injury, as he broke it in a fight when he punched another student earlier in the year. I encouraged him after praying for him to repent and give his life to Jesus and trust God for divine healing. Tonight at the gym he told me he went to the doctor recently and the doc was shocked to see his wrist 95% healed. He thanked me for praying for him and is encouraged. I’m believing for this young man (named Cal – like California) to be able to play baseball this spring and experience total restoration and recovery. God is truly a miracle worker (Acts 19:11). We prayed for “special miracles” and God did not disappoint us.

God of Miracles – Special Miracles


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God of Miracles – Special Miracles

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