Demon Possession – Demonic Influences

Demon Possession – Demonic Influences

Demon possession, oppression, repression, regression and demonic influences are undeniable and real. I have traveled to 90 nations of the world and seen demons manifest through people in various ways with my own eyes. In India, I saw a Hindu woman fall to the ground and slither like a snake violently and uncontrollably when I prayed for her in the mighty Name of Jesus. When demons are confronted with the fire of God, like snakes hiding in sticks, once demons enter the fire and the heat is turned up, demons come out quickly (Acts 28:3). I once saw a man began screaming in the back of an outdoor church service in Punjab, India, while I was praying for the offering. That is the only time in my life I saw a demon come out during an offering, but it was a most powerful anointing on that service and church indeed for the demons in a man to come out at the end of a meeting while I was praying sitting down (frankly because I was rather tired and was ready to end the service and go home). Yet, demons will come out at any hour and often when you least expect it.



I saw small children tormented by demons in Papua, Indonesia where many were wearing charms around their necks or on their wrists (nasty demonic influences I urge you to run from) they were given by witch doctors their parents likely visited and paid money, after which demons attached themselves to these children and vexed their lives.



I’ve seen demons come out of people in Jakarta, Indonesia when a man prayed, surrendered and gave his life to Jesus. The moment the Holy Spirit came into him, he began to cough up a demon at the end of a simple salvation prayer, while standing in front of an entire congregation. It was unexpected for me as the preacher and the congregation, but demon possession is real folks. We therefore must be discerning regarding the demonic influences around us to avoid and prevent them getting access to or finding their way in us.



Likewise I have seen demons come out equally violently from people in the United States and Australia, where demonic influences and demon possession also are very active, alive and real. Some demons like to play dumb and go mute, in an attempt to remain in a person and disguise themselves. Demons are very clever, often more clever than the people they inhabit, the latter of which often live in denial and don’t even know any demons are operating on, in, or through them.



Breaking addictions is an ongoing battle, which we must TAKE HEED regarding the people and influences we allow into our life, lest we go back into bondage, be overcome, fall and find ourselves possessed and tormented by demons (Exodus 34:12; Mark 13:5; Luke 21:34; 1Corinthians 8:9; Hebrews 3:12).



“Therefore let him that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall” (1Corinthians 10:12). Jesus warned, demons can return with their friends to re-inhabit a person and make the person’s life sevenfold worse than before (Matthew 12:43-45). Demons are so aggressive and desirous to possess people, once they have been inside a person and are forced to leave, they seek to return and refer to the person as “my house” (Matthew 12:44), because demons live, dwell and operate through people; usually unbeknownst to the person being used by the demons.



Here below are some books I have written on demonic influences and demon possession, as well as about the blessed Holy Spirit to help you find freedom and preserve your spiritual life and liberty in Christ Jesus. Wonderful and most precious Jesus said, “If I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come unto you” (Matthew 12:28). Satan’s kingdom of wickedness and darkness (Ephesians 6:11-12) is no match for Almighty God and His heavenly kingdom of light, love, life and liberty.







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Demon Possession – Demonic Influences

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