Michigan State Shooting – MSU Shooting Victims

Michigan State Shooting – MSU Shooting Victims

As a graduate from Michigan State University, I am saddened to hear about the MSU shooting and the victims who unnecessarily died this week. As someone who has traveled throughout the United States, I personally have found the people of Michigan to be some of the most friendly in our nation.

The United States needs stricter gun laws, more extensive background checks and intelligent, bold leadership in government to address this ongoing nationwide problem. The fact no president or governor thus far has taken bold action to declare a state of emergency and issue executive orders to stop the violence and nonsense, reveals how deep the void is for leadership in our nation.

Michigan State University Police issued this statement below regarding the shooting on campus.

NEWS RELEASE: Active Shooter Incident

EAST LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan State University Department of Police and Public Safety (MSU DPPS) is saddened to share information regarding the tragedy that occurred on campus Monday evening. We cannot begin to fathom the immeasurable amount of pain that our campus community is feeling. We want to ensure our community that our department as well as our law enforcement partners will conduct a comprehensive and thorough investigation regarding this tragic incident. Five victims remain in the hospital in critical condition. The deceased victims have been identified as the following:

  • Arielle Anderson, Junior, Grosse Pointe
  • Brian Fraser, Sophomore, Grosse Pointe
  • Alexandria Verner, Junior, Clawson

We sincerely ask the media and community members to respect the families’ privacy.

The first call reporting an active shooter took place at 8:18 p.m. at Berkey Hall. A shelter-in-place was immediately put into place for campus and the surrounding community. The MSU Alert system and MSU Emergency Operations Center were both immediately activated. Officers from all across the state responded to campus and began to complete a comprehensive search in attempt to locate the suspect.

The suspect was captured on campus security cameras at approximately 11:00 p.m. The suspect photos were disseminated across MSU DPPS social media channels and through our media partners at 11:18 p.m. Because of the quick release of photos, a caller’s tip was able to lead officers to the suspect at approximately 11:35 p.m., only 17 minutes after the release of the photos.

Please pray for MSU, the victims families and friends, our nation and leadership to arise in America to address this urgent problem of gun violence, anger, emotional management, respect for human life, decency and morality in our nation.

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Michigan State Shooting – MSU Shooting Victims

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