Investing Tips – Secrets and Insights from Warren Buffett

Billionaire Investing Tips – Secrets and Insights from Warren Buffett

Discover how legendary mega-billionaire investor Warren Buffett thinks, leads, invests and lives to be happy, consistently profitable and successful year after year without fail. These timeless truths, success secrets, prophetic insights and nuggets of wisdom will enrich and empower your life.

Lesson Components Include:

– Insider White Paper to Read (web links and PDF provided)

– 8 Pages of Text for Reading (web links and PDF provided)

– 50 Question Quiz based on the Text

– Answer Key (for easy grading)

– Total page count including lesson and text (18 pages)

Investing Tips – Warren Buffett and Bill Gates

Paul F. Davis is a global business consultant, international educator, worldwide inspirational speaker, author of 100 books and world traveler who has touched 90 nations and lived overseas extensively (Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa).

Paul has earned 4 Master degrees with honors and is a licensed educator in California and Florida. Paul is also a UCLA certified University & Career Counselor. Paul is a certified Master Trainer with the Association of Talent Development serving CEOs and multinational companies throughout the world.

Paul earned 4 Master degrees with honors in the following disciplines:

– Global Affairs (New York University)

– International Law (Michigan State College of Law)

– Educational Leadership (University of Texas)

– Health (University of Alabama)

Contact Paul for global business consulting, creating new product lines and revenue streams, mastermind marketing, success strategy sessions, talent development, organizational training, business letter writing and sales scripts, negotiations representation, conflict resolution, creative problem solving and global expansion of your company to accelerate your worldwide influence, impact and profitability.


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