Inspirational Speaker – Motivational Speaker Paul F. Davis

Inspirational Speaker – Motivational Speaker

Worldwide Inspirational and Motivational Speaker Paul F. Davis

Paul F. Davis is a Worldwide Inspirational Speaker who has touched 90 nations, written 90 books, earned 4 Master degrees with honors, is a UCLA certified University Counselor, Life Coach, Wellness Trainer and Survivor at heart overcoming adversity and empowering people to live with purity, purpose, transcend their limitations, maximize their potential, discover their destiny and live in victory. 


Paul has been asked by people around the world how to become an inspirational speaker. Paul replies transparently telling people his countless struggles through which he had to inspire and encourage himself, when there was nobody else to do so. Paul was put in an oxygen tent at birth, perhaps because his mother was a smoker, or maybe as a result of some unnecessary vaccination given to infants causing adverse reactions and pulmonary problems within the lungs. 


Nevertheless, Paul survived his first 30 days of life in an oxygen tent. Thereafter, Paul’s parents divorced when he was only a toddler, after which Paul lived with his maternal grandparents. Unfortunately, Paul’s mother got entangled with alcoholism and drug addiction further complicating his life as a young boy. Paul recalls watching his mother overdosing on drugs and his grandparents dialing 911 to call an ambulance and paramedics to carry his mother out of the house on a stretcher to try to save her life. Paul’s mother was later killed by an 18 year-old drunk driver a few years later. By fifth grade Paul began living with his father and stepmother, who worked him really hard and taught him discipline. Paul’s father owned a paper route and was a home builder and remodeler who worked Paul like a beast. 


Worldwide Motivational and Inspirational Speaker Paul F. Davis


Paul had a tough time living with his stepmother and at the age of 12 contemplated suicide. Yet, thankfully, Paul’s faith kept him alive and inspired him to pray, determine to overcome, and commit to make something meaningful of his life. Thus, began the forming of the heart of an inspirational speaker as Paul passed through the crucible of life’s challenging, perplexing and tormenting circumstances with tenacity, hope, faith, audacity and courage. 


Paul has lived in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. Paul has traveled to war torn and impoverished nations where people warned him not to go and where others demonized them because of their government’s policies and questionable leadership. Nevertheless, Paul continued to go to the nations of the world boldly as an inspirational speaker to engage, interact with, inspire and uplift humanity with love, joy, hope and heartfelt inspiring messages. Through his life journey and worldwide adventure as an inspirational speaker, Paul has learned to love and believe in people despite their present circumstances, always remembering the great potential every human being possesses and how our loving Creator can transform a person in a moment and to never discount the many possibilities that exist for us all when we are willing to humble ourselves, pray and go forward with childlike faith.


Baby steps, moving as slow as a turtle, persevering through life’s pressures, and pushing through obstacles with boldness and tenacity is what Paul has done repeatedly wherever he has found himself around the world and in life. Sometimes Paul has felt like the wind of heaven was at his back propelling him forward with great intensity to accelerate supernaturally, whereas other times Paul has internally held on to his destiny, fought for his purity, and faithfully pursued his purpose with grit, guts and tenacity. Therefore, no matter what season or circumstance you find yourself in, Paul is a prophet and inspirational speaker that can encourage, equip, empower and lift you to the heavens and bring heaven down to earth where you live on a daily basis.




Inspirational Speaker – Motivational Speaker

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