India Universities – India Colleges

India Universities – India Colleges

To better serve my students as a University and Career Counselor I gathered all the India universities and India colleges websites into one easy to access and use book. India is a magnificent, remarkable and fascinating nation I have been fortunate and blessed to travel throughout on 5 amazing tours. Yet, I hope to return to India and speak at many of its outstanding universities and colleges as well as explore more of this great nation. India is the world’s largest democracy and will soon bypass China in population, which shall make it the world’s largest populace. India is home to Bollywood, producing more movies annually than Hollywood. Some Miss Universe winners have come from India. Suffice it to say, India is a dynamic and vibrant nation worth visiting, exploring and considering given its technology, economic might, geopolitical power, industry and vibrant culture. Increasingly, more students are opting to study at universities and colleges in India, which they deem more affordable and valuable than western universities and colleges. I myself am open to earning a PhD at an Indian university or college, if I am given the opportunity to do so.

INDIA Universities and Colleges Websites

India Universities – India Colleges

Having lived in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America as an international educator and university counselor serving international students; I know many students want to study in India universities and India colleges, but do not know where to begin when searching to explore their various options. This is why I took the time to compile this massive database and resource to help international students seeking rich learning opportunities to fully assess their options at home and abroad. In my estimation, India is a great place to study at a university or college. Given their ties to the United Kingdom as a former colony, most in India speak English within higher education and are quite brilliant when it comes to education, communication and culture.

Here below are some of my books as a University and Career Counselor, which I have written to assist and support students.




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INDIA Universities and Colleges Websites ~

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