Breaking Point – Breakthrough – Blessings Flow

Breaking Point – Breakthrough – Blessings Flow

No breaking point is comfortable. Often breaking points come during uncomfortable times relationally, professionally, economically, geographically and during seasons of change, frustration, turbulence and transition. Yet, the more we resist the circumstances coming upon us, often the more problematic they become and persist. Despite how uncomfortable breaking points can be, whether it is a divorce, the loss of a job, a new job that requires an uncomfortable geographical move and relocation, a sacrifice for a loved one, a commitment to pursue higher education and spend your evenings in a more productive manner (with what little energy remains after a long day’s work), a commitment to drive a child to athletic practice and games and give up more of your precious time, or a breaking point with a friend who has come to disrespect, use and abuse you and needs proper boundaries and distance to provide you some healthy space away from such a person who is decreasing and no longer adding to your life. Breaking points, no matter the sort or kind, are sometimes troublesome and tough to endure. Nevertheless, once you make the commitment and decision to embrace the breaking point, change and transition in front of you; thereafter the breakthrough can come and the blessings can flow.

Breakthrough follows the breaking point, once you have made the internal repositioning, the internal shift, renewed and repositioned your heart and mind, pivoting as need be (be it relationally, professionally, within your family, socially, or academically) to position you for promotion and greater blessings ahead. The breakthrough can be seen in the distance, your promised land if you want to call it that, but a breaking point and equivalent sacrifice will be required of you to reach forth and grasp the new blessings you desire.

Everything in life costs you something. That being said, are you willing to pay the price, make the sacrifice, go forward, part with some precious time, say no to friends who otherwise would have access to you, or turn off the television to use your entertainment and relaxation time to wisely invest in yourself, grow yourself, and enlarge your future? Only you can answer that question. The breaking point if wholeheartedly embraced and the sacrifice if happily and consistently made, will surely translate into new breakthroughs and blessings for you as you joyfully pay the price, keep your commitment, show yourself disciplined and consistent to fully pursue and finish what you start as you embark upon a new season of breakthrough and blessings.

Don’t resist your breaking point, because once you accept the change, you can break chains, breakthrough and reposition yourself for blessings to flow forth.

If you are catching any hell don’t hold it. If you are going through hell don’t stop. Go forward with childlike faith and expectancy for a new beginning, new life and breakthrough on the other side of your obedience as you live and move with heavenly vision and draw near to your promised land one step at a time with full assurance of faith to behold, become and bring forth your glorious future.


Breaking Point – Breakthrough – Blessings Flow

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