Leadership Stability Consistency in Crisis

Leadership Stability Consistency in Crisis

Leadership begins with commitment, stability and consistency in your own life whereby others can look to you in times of crisis to be an unshakeable, immovable pillar of strength to give them hope through the many storms of life. Although it is not easy to be a leader, as you drop to your knees, humble yourself and go to God in prayer, your loving heavenly Father and Creator will comfort you in crisis and times of trouble to give you supernatural strength, creativity to solve problems, transcend every affliction and tribulation to lift you up to where you belong through every circumstance and crisis. Most importantly and first and foremost, Christ Jesus is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6-7) and will give you peace within in the midst of every storm and battle you face in life.

President Abraham Lincoln, one of the best leaders the United States has ever known, who navigated us through the tough times during the Civil War to achieve racial equality and civil rights for all Americans regardless of their race, color or creed; he called for three national days of prayer throughout his administration. Lincoln wholeheartedly believed in the power of prayer as an unshakeable leader who successfully endured tough times to shine bright in our nation’s darkest hour, while going through the turbulence of change and transformation to make racial equality for all Americans a reality.

Jesus said, “in Me you will have peace. In the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). Keep your eyes on Jesus and no storm will make you sink (Matthew 14:25-30); not emotionally, nor mentally, neither circumstantially within your family relationally or career professionally. In Jesus, there is always peace, loving comfort, divine wisdom, a plan, strategy, supernatural power and VICTORY. God Almighty gave us a wonderful example of leadership, stability and consistency in crisis with our beloved Savior Christ Jesus who joyfully endured the pain of the cross, was crucified, rose victorious over death, hell and the grave and ascended to heaven to sit down at Father God’s right hand (Mark 16:19).







Leadership Stability Consistency in Crisis


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