R Generation is a campus ministry for students interested in enhancing their academic experience, establishing meaningful relationships, experiencing God, discovering their life’s purpose, sharing their faith and impacting the nations of the world.

Education is not what it used to be! What is now known as the 3 R’s to a good education: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic does not even begin with the letter R. Our American Founding Fathers instituted another means of proper education known as the 4 R’s: Research, Reason, Relate, and Record. Sadly, nowadays we simply read what we are told and do no further research to draw our own conclusions. America has reduced education to mere memorization.


 Memorizing facts and former theories only gives one knowledge. True education strives to impart wisdom and vision. Wisdom is the ability to usefully apply knowledge, rightly discern and make profitable decisions. Vision provides internal sight, stimulation, revelation and causes progression toward fulfillment of a worthy goal.



A study of Harvard graduates revealed that 5% of the class who had written out their goals accomplished more than the other 95% who had not written out their goals. If you don’t know where you are going how are you ever going to get there? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

R Generation is a campus ministry to the University and High school students of America. What are we about?


Building a New Generation to Revive the Nations

Awaking America and the Church
Birthing a Revolution to Bring our Nation back to God
Positioning You for the Next Wave of God
Stripping and Strengthening You to Live in God’s Presence
Equipping and Empowering You to Change Your World
Articulating and Demonstrating a Gospel of Power
Taking You Into A Season of the Suddenlies of God
Challenging the Young and the Restless to Embrace God’s Best
Exposing the Enemy of Your Soul and Making You Whole
Loving, Lifting, and Liberating You From the Fear of Man
Taking You From the Pew into the Presence, Person, and Power of God
Preaching the Gospel Demons and Denominations Don’t Want You to Know
Imparting Heavenly Vision and Impregnating You with Divine Purpose
Translating You from Misery to Victory; from Tragedy to Triumph
Taking You From Education to Revelation; From Information to Inspiration
Turning Up the Heat, So You Can See the Light
Giving You Something to Dance and Shout About