"With Christ in the
School of Prayer"
by Andrew Murray
With Christ in the School of Prayer
With Christ in the School of Prayer
"One Year Bible"
New Intl Version
With Christ in the School of Prayer
With Christ in the School of Prayer
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Executive coaching is an art and science that is continually evolving. The masterful coach is one who has both a heart and a backbone. A coach is a person capable of being sympathetic with your personal journey and insightful enough to know how to provoke you to be your best. Coaching evokes excellence in your private and public life. Leadership coaching grows people, performance and purpose. The psychology of executive coaching is simple. Every "player" in sports, the entertainment industry, relationships, the financial arena, or any profession needs a coach. The coach instructs and the player wins. The coach drives personal growth and performance, the player enjoys the journey and experiences the results.

Coaching typically occurs at three levels:

  1. Personal – individual identity
  2. Systems – the methods of performance by which we bring people together
  3. Results – the desirable outcomes

Paul Davis is a warm, supportive coach capable of connecting and collaborating with you to design and build your dream – be it personal or corporate. Paul began coaching when he was in high school. Paul co-coached a Little League Baseball team with his father. Since that time Paul has embarked upon a worldwide ministry in which he has coached leaders throughout the globe. To date, Paul has ministered in 40 countries and 6 continents. Business people, political figureheads, and spiritual leaders have all come to appreciate the depth of wisdom and prophetic insight with which Paul speaks. Paul possesses an innate ability to get down to the root of important issues, give guidelines to create positive change, and guidance to forge ahead into the future. Unlike many coaches who merely pontificate and tantalize with theory, Paul is a hands on individual that speaks from experience and a history of personal successes.

Dream Design is a fourfold process which Paul engineered to address his clients:

  1. Presence – Enhance and Empower it
  2. Product – Usefulness and Marketability
  3. Position – Proximity and Appeal to Buyers/Users
  4. Personnel – Disposition and Services

Dream Design is a Masterful Coaching method that is committed to "Building Dreams and Breaking Limitations."

Dream Design is a four stage exploratory, developmental, and constructive process that progressively unlocks potential, eliminates hindrances, refines character, and illuminates the future, resulting in realized desirable outcomes. This progressive and interactive approach consists of the following building blocks and steps to success.

  1. Discovery
  2. Discernment
  3. Development
  4. Dream Building
Among the many things covered in each of the four incremental building blocks to Dream Design are:
  1. Discovery
    a. Expanding Awareness
    b. Sharing Experience
    c. Exploring Spirituality
    d. Establishing Identity & Essence
    e. Motivational Gifts
    f. Personality Types/Temperaments
    g. Discovering Your Learning Style
    h. Uncovering Your Uniqueness
    i. Prioritizing Your Passion
  2. Discernment
    a. Sensitivity – Validating Feelings
    b. The Importance of Timing and Seasons
    c. Identifying Incongruencies – Personal, Professional
    d. Unloading Generational Baggage
    e. Removing Relational Hurts & Wounds
    f. Lessons for Liberation
    g. Keys to Deliverance & Freedom
    h. Pain – An Indicator of Problems
    i. Understanding & Implementing Change
  3. Development
    a. Character and Core Values
    b. The Force of Affliction
    c. Verbalizing Victory
    d. Problem Solving
    e. Effective Communication – Styles, Nonverbal Cues, Active Listening
    f. Illumination and Initiative
    g. Effectiveness and Endurance
    h. Commitment and Capacity
  4. Dream Building
    a. Embracing a Vision
    b. Devising an Action Plan
    c. Strategic Implementation
    d. Building Alliances – Forming A Dream Team
    e. The Art of Attraction – Mastering Your Magic Appeal
    f. Kaleidoscope Creative Thinking
    g. Diagnose Challenges and Hindrances
    h. Mentoring for Multiplication and Delegation
    i. Leaving a Legacy

If you are interested in being coached and mentored by Paul, write a one page essay detailing your personal desires, ambition, vocational calling, what you expect to get out of the coaching process, and your level of commitment. Be sure to include your address, phone number(s), and email so we can promptly get back to you.

Send your essay along with a $35 application fee to:

Paul Davis – Dream Design
PO Box 684
Goldenrod, FL 32733 USA