"With Christ in the
School of Prayer"
by Andrew Murray
With Christ in the School of Prayer
With Christ in the School of Prayer
"One Year Bible"
New Intl Version
With Christ in the School of Prayer
With Christ in the School of Prayer
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"Paul is the greatest person to be with. His great creativity, personality, and adventurous lifestyle make you want to be close to him at all times. Apart from making you laugh, Paul helps you improve your life. Being with Paul will always make your life better and move it in a positive direction."

(Asia Kwiat, Poland)

I recently saw Paul speak on the 12 pillars of integrity at a meeting of executives titled 'The Ethical Edge'. In 30 minutes Paul covered a topic that every executive, manager, employee, and person should hear. His style of presentation was very engaging and the message was just so spot on. The business place and world would be a better place if we all could model his simple, but powerful, message.

(Brian W. - Newport Beach, California, USA)

"Paul, you are a gifted communicator and have an amazing way with words."

(Lisa, North Island, New Zealand)

"I feel like the Lord Himself has cut me up to pieces and put me back together again. I feel like a new man. I'm different. Missionaries have been here for 30 years but nobody has brought a message like yours."

Pastor Philip Torboe, Vanuatu, South Pacific

Every one is saying that the leaders conference, "IT WAS A REVELATION AFTER REVELATION, POWERFUL!!!" We appreciate your coming. We were blessed so much!

Bishop AmisiUwezo (Congo, Africa)

"I feel as if my feet are not on the ground because of what I have obtained from you!"

(Bishop Peter AyumaChoti, Kenya, Africa)

"By giving me hope for the future, I feel like nothing is impossible! You're awesome."

(Tiffany Narvaez, Orlando, Florida, USA)

"Before meeting Paul, I did not have a definite plan for the future, but now, I feel stronger, a refreshing, a rebirth! Paul energized me and made me believe I can move mountains!"

(PiotrRembarz, Warsaw, Poland)

"Paul is very thought-provoking, well-spoken, and very relatable."

(Sabarri Hague, Fordham College at Lincoln Center - class of 2010)

"Yo, Paul! I love you! You're the greatest thing that happened to us!"

(Jack Li, Bread of Life Church youth group - Oviedo, Florida, USA)

"Paul, you've brought so much changes for the good of my life."

(Richard Wang, Oviedo, Florida, USA)

"I forgave people that hurt me, but built up walls so they would not hurt me again. Tonight those walls came down!"

(Barbara Rampalla, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA)

"If one in a thousand had your energy, we would have Utopia. You are one in a million.

(" (Herb)

"You are a great guy! There is something about you that is so uniquely refreshing and amazing."

(Rick West)

"I was impressed with the wedding ceremony you performed."

(Lt. Carl Metzger, former Orlando narcotics commander)

"I am greatly refreshed by you!"

(Livinus Simon)

"We love you! You changed our lives!"

(Joanne Hwang, Oviedo, Florida, USA)

'Your love has no boundaries and your willingness to sacrifice yourself is commendable.'

(Lloyd May, Staten Island, NY)

"Mr. Davis knows how to get the audience involved, even one consisting of young children, who otherwise may be considered to have a short attention span. I benefited from reading his book's advice, and can only imagine the impact that meeting him in person would have. Truly, he has the capability of being life-changing. Also, his work is full-time. The devotion to his craft that he has is evident by his time spent working at it. For him to travel to so many countries, doing such wonderful work, it is just more impetus to believe that he is determined to perform his work at the highest level possible."

(Lauren Donawa (Maryland, USA)

"Your poem was funny and helped me relax. I'm trying never to be a bridezilla again."

(Julia, Washington DC)

"You captured so many of my feelings and helped me relax."

(Customer Service Manager writing anonymously)

Paul, I just happened to think about you today and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your informative and insightful posts. Through them, you have encouraged me on several occasions to skip fast food in favor of the health food store around the corner. Thank you for being a great next door neighbor in NYC and for continuing to be a wonderful friend and an inspiration through your comments on facebook and twitter. I hope you and your lovely wife have a wonderful day. Take care and God bless you, Paul.

Jess M.

Paul has an incredibly optimistic outlook, is positive and inspirational. In particular this is suprising given some of the hardships he has had to endure and this alone speaks millions of words in itself in that when someone has had such a difficult time to turn things around for good means that they have an amazing outlook and view on life in that many people in this world who have everything on a silver platter still complain and carry on that they don't have enough, Yet if only they would open their eyes to see that there are many people worse off. There is so much that Paul has written and included on his various websites that even after a few hours of reading and searching I'd barely looked at a drop in the ocean in that these websites must have taken years to create and there is a mammoth amount of work included so well done and congratulations on being such an inspiration to so many people worldwide. I will keep these websites bookmarked and when people try to smother my ideas and values I will look at these and realise it is worth plodding on as there are people who will always criticise and make you feel worthless but in fact some people do value small things in life which is good to know.

Deborah H.

Without hesistation, Paul forwarded me two powerful books that he wrote - "Updating Your Identity and Breakthrough for a Broken Heart" which I read in record time for me personally. Paul's investment in me although I've done nothing more than email him a time or two has really encouraged me and given me even more hope for the existence of genuine and authentic people that care for others in this world. I consider Paul a friend and brother in Christ and I am thankful that he is allowing God to use him in such a powerful and constructive way. God bless you Paul.

Robert S.

We've not known Paul too long, but we enjoy talking to him and hearing his opinion. We just finished reading God Vs Religion, which is a very interesting philosophy and gives great oportunity for debate and regarding matters, which others dare not approach for fear of causing offense or further confusion.

MissNEvansetal E.

..Paul change my life, he is a gifted man, I am glad and blessed that I meet and know him. His knoweldege is amazing and he is a great person.. Gracias Paul

Ismael B.

If you have ever read or heard of one of the most infuential characters in the bible, Paul the Apostle both dedicated his life to changing the known world and would be the first person to get his hands dirty to share his wisdom to 1 person or 5,000. I've known Paul for 20+ years and he has the greatest capacity and intellect to devour information from more than books. He could care less about theories which he can easily understand, he just cares about getting results in his personal life that work. He has spent a lifetime learning from and practicing from the top movers and shakers in many areas. He does work hard but also smarter to apply his methods that are always cutting edge and proven to help others reach their greatness. Paul is definitely someone you want to learn from and have in your corner. He's helped me so many times to realize so many blind spots in both my company and personal life. If You or your company are finally ready to get serious about creating a better life or company then your search is over. Paul will give you so much more than just a temporary motivational speech with meaningless words.You'll soon realize that he will spend as much time as it takes to asking very specific questions that he can analyze. Once you or your company have listed out every problem you believe is holding you back from reaching your goals he can't help you. Until he understands what your daily life or business goal(s) and problems you've been unable to overcome and why do you think you or you're company are unable to move forward to reach your goal(s) again he won't be able to make a powerful impact in your life and company. Depending on how complicated your life or company is will depend on you being completely honest with him, budgets and goals for each dept and P&L sheets for previous years and especially your marketing budget and the specifics to how those funds are being used. This process alone will help you realize the many why's your life or company is like a ship in the ocean going in circles with no destination. This is where Paul excels and when you hire him after his first day of evaluation personally or corporately he will prepare a plan ot template of all the real problems on one side and on the otherside with at least 1 remedy without details and also his proposal and rough estimate of how long it will take and during that time to lead your company your company and a letter or memo giving Paul access to every department for the companies own good! Whether personally or commercially you will love him as you remain flexible to allow him to make daily or weekly meetings without arguements that are based out of fear or possibly moving personell. You have such a great mentor holding your hand when neccesarry, but you will be glad and realize you've made the best life changing or the best business choice. Grow your life or grow your business. Call him now if you are commited to reaching your goals now!

Scott R.

I think that the best way to describe Paul Davis is interesting, curious, thoughtful, and open minded. He is always sweet and looking to be a shoulder to cry on if its ever needed. I appreciate his genuine interest in making people feel better and I think its an attribute that one in a million people possess. Thanks Paul

Sara B.

I've known Paul for many years. I've seen him grow and mature into a wonderful, inspiring person. He is correct when he says he is a good listener. He observes, he quietly listens, and then he speaks out of love. He lives life. He's a take action person. If he has a challenge he disects it and devises a plan of action to overcome it. His positive attitude is contagious. He is in the correct profession--it's his calling. Paul has a generous, caring heart, and what flows from his heart is love. God Bless You, Paul!

Janine W.

Dear Paul,
            I like your joyful and positive approach to life. The wealth of information, the ideas and the tips - all help to live life with purpose and hope. I quote u " The Spirit of life in Christ sustains me daily."

Esther P.

"[He] knows how to get the audience involved, even one consisting of young children, who otherwise may be considered to have a short attention span. I benefited from reading his advice, and can only imagine the impact that meeting him in person would have. Truly, he has the capability of being life-changing.

Also, his work is full-time. The devotion to his craft that he has is evident by his time spent working at it. For him to travel to so many countries, doing such wonderful work, it is just more impetus to believe that he is determined to perform his work at the highest level possible."

Lauren D.

Hi Paul,

You are an inspiration in your self. Your passion for life and huge level of emotional intelligence lifts my spirit and strenghtens my hunger to suceed. Your wisdom and advice covers every topic one is likely to encounter. Thanks for showing me how it's done and that it can be done.

Lisa D.

If you are searching for someone to give you solid advice or coaching which will help improve your life then Paul is your man. He is a well rounded individual with lots of knowledge on various topics. He genuinely cares about others and desires to see people live their best possible life now. Paul has a way of putting humor and fun into his coaching and speaking which will keep your spirits up while you reach for your dreams. He has always lived life to the fullest while encouraging others to do the same.

Wanda K.

I really enjoyed talking with Paul, and I'm sure that anyone else will do. Paul impressed me by his great passion, sincerity and cheerfulness. He is such a warm and happy person! His fantastic experience around the world makes convincing of his compassion and wonderful insights into cross-cultural challenges -- and I can prove it as someone from outside of the U.S. Paul inspired me, with no pressure, to be a doer and stay positive.

Thank you for everything, Paul. Best luck to your future, too!

Zz Y.

I have known Paul, since 1996. I have never seen anyone so devoted to his passion of bringing a positive message to a world of hurt, transition and conflict. He has always been steadfast, ultimate professional. I would recommend him to tackle any issue you may face. There is no compromise when someone’s passion is so strong such as his, proven by two traits I have noticed over the years: 1) grounded in positive beliefs and 2) finisher.

If, you need to get started or need to find the finish line talk to Paul today to take you to another level.

Sincerely, Larry Truong

Larry T.

More than a talented author and motivational speaker, Paul is truly compassionate. He's inspirational at heart.

Tais F.

Paul is not only knowledgeable in many different areas of life but he has a gift for connecting with his clients quickly and asking the right questions as well as offering the right advise to get the results you really want.

I've consulted with Paul Davis numerous times for both career dilemmas as well as personal matters and he has been encouraging and supportive but isn't afraid to ask the tough questions to help you reach your breakthrough.

He encouraged me to finally pen my first book, something that I had always wanted to do but I needed to get around the questions and limitations that I created in my mind. I'm so grateful that he encourged me and believed in me. I'm so glad I met him and I highly recommend his life coaching services. You will not be disappointed!

Km R.

Wow where do I start? From your no-nonsense, uncompromising preaching from the Quest days @ Destiny to your spiritual insight that you post here on FB, youve definitely been a blessing & inspiration in my life...more than you know & I love the way you word things. I have never even been to one of your lectures or seminars but goodness man, the fact that youre a life coach, global properties consultant, motivational speaker, author, tourism consultant, debt arbitrator & an evangelist blows me away!! & on top of that youve graduated from God knows how many institutes & universities. Youre a busy man! How do you do it? I know how! It has to be the Grace of God! It has to be! Theres no doubt about it.Itsgotta be humanly impossible for someone to accomplish all that without the Supernatural enabling of God Himself! What age did you start this busy life of yours? 5?! Were you ever a heathen? lol! Take it easy Man of God! Blessing upon you always!

Bryan P.

You are such an inspiration! I loved your books ‘Healthy Relationships’ and ‘Breakthrough For a Broken Heart.’

Michelle Billie

"Paul, I read your book Breakthrough for a Broken Heart.

It really was a blessing for me as it got to my hands just at the right season. I have been working on how to develop healthy relationships, and this book had been a well of great ideas and insights to boost my confidence, enjoy myself and have fun while getting to know and helping others.

"Paul, I read your book Breakthrough for a Broken Heart.

It really was a blessing for me as it got to my hands just at the right season. I have been working on how to develop healthy relationships, and this book had been a well of great ideas and insights to boost my confidence, enjoy myself and have fun while getting to know and helping others. This is the kind of book in which you don't want to drop any line, because every single one has so much substance! Paul doesn't waste time on going over and over one single idea, but instead he gives you acute, practical truths that you can easily understand and bring into practice. I even made an outline out of the book and hung it on my bulletin board! Definitely, a must, very easy read! Thank you Paul, please keep on writing!"

Paola Ruiz (Orlando, Florida)

"Hi Paul, I want to thank you one more time for everything you gave me. Meeting you was the best thing in my life. Now I see a big difference."

Piotr (Russia)

"You are right about what makes a woman (or man) contribute to a good relationship. Their upbringing, relationship with parents, etc. You have an extraordinary background. Awesome vision you have, bible schools everywhere and such. More power to you!"

Regina (Maryland)

"Hey Paul, thank you so much for your message. After i read it my eyes where beginning to fill up. ...I was beginning to get discouraged. Then you said to me "delay is not denial" and it ties in with what has been happening. Thank you brother. Be blessed in everyway."

Sarah (Scotland)

"You never cease to amaze me. I am so impressed by all of the qualities that you have. You have such a round about personality that it is very interesting. I have never in my life met someone who possesses such a caring spirit. I can tell you are gifted in so many areas. When I saw your website I just smiled. For some reason it always brings a smile to my face."

Jennifer Perry (Chicago, Illinois)

"[This] has got to be the coolest website out there. Keep it up!!!"

Derek (Leesburg, Florida)

"That is right on!!!! It is exactly what I am hearing in my Spirit. I thank you for the encouragement and this word is definitely what I need to hear and meditate on. It gives me faith. The Lord has been telling me the exact same thing. Much of it word for word. It is always good to hear from someone else as confirmation. Praise God! Love ya!"

Mike (Costa Rica)

Kia ora,
Paul - you have an amazing way with words! You are a great communicator and have a gift of getting your reader excited about God.

I have looked at both of your web sites and I am blown away!! You are doing such AMAZING and WONDERFUL things for the Kingdom of God!!! I downloaded the mp3 of the alter ministry and watched it with my son. He rewinded it over and over and over...

How many hours are in your day? You must have a great team behind you!

You are a dangerous man Paul!! (you know I'm talking about for Satan riiiiight...)

God bless you - you are a mighty man God!!

Lisa (North Island, New Zealand)

I met Paul twice in Warsaw. Neither of these meetings were planned. The second time Paul said to me "Jesus has a plan for you!" I did not know what Paul was talking about.

Then he showed me his website. I was shocked, because when I first saw Paul he did not show his personality. He was behaving like a teenager, very nice and full of humor. After watching website we prayed together for us and for my father's health. Paul correctly recognized that my father has a heart problem.

Paul also gave me paper with his address and prophetic insight about me. Before meeting Paul I did not have a concrete plan for the future. I did not know whether to study in school or what. Now I feel stronger, a refreshing and rebirth.

Paul waked me up and made me believe in God. Since this, every day I feel excited, full of energy, able to work. "I can move mountains!" I am reading the Word of God and am so happy.

Paul said that we had a "divine meeting," like the two apostles Paul and Piotr. I thank God that I met Paul and that he can help humanity with his wisdom and talent from God. I love and bless you Paul.

Piotr Rembarz (Warsaw, Poland)

We have received all your letters through the past 2 years and we can say that your ministry and your life has helped us to see God’s glory and power through a person who dedicated his whole life to Him. You have taught us, inspired us and blessed us abundantly. We thank the Lord for your life and for what He is doing through you.

Jon & Paola Buschlen

Every one is saying that the leaders conference, "IT WAS A REVELATION AFTER REVELATION, POWERFUL!!!"
We appreciate your coming. We were blessed so much!

Bishop Amisi Uwezo (Congo, Africa)

Growing up I went to a lot of rock concerts. I remember one concert in particular when I felt that my hearing in my right ear was reduced. When everything was quiet around me I could hear ringing in that ear. I went to a coffee shop in Orlando where Paul Davis was preaching the gospel. He had a word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit that someone's ear was healed. I had noticed 10 minutes earlier that my hearing in my right ear had improved. When I went to a silent place I also noticed the ringing had stopped. It has been a month now since this event and my hearing is still perfect in my right ear.

David Norberg (Orlando, Florida)


Over 6 months ago I typed you a long email sharing that God was orchestrating a divine romance in my life. The lengthy email told of how God had shown me a vision and spoke that he was my husband. I later found out that he did not believe in remarriage (and I am a divorcee). We have the same belief with this major exception.

This is an email of God's testimony. We are engaged and will be marrying on December 27th!!!

It was Almighty Matchmaker that helped to encourage me while the vision lingered. Your ministry remains in my heart and my prayers as it has truly blessed my life. I thank God for your ministry. May God continue to bless you as you are indeed a blessing to others.

Thank you,

Veronica Johnson

I hadn't gone to church in 17 years when my in-laws asked me if I would go w/ them. At that point in my life I didn't believe in anything. .I was very skeptical that I would enjoy it. But as soon as you two got up there & started sharing your lives & experiences I started to open up & listen & take in the word of God.

Paul, when you were taking about your childhood it hit very close to home for me. I was definately lacking faith & i couldn't believe that w/ a life like mine, that there was any sort of god or savior. But seeing that you had a somewhat similar experience in life helped me to open my eyes & my heart to God & Jesus.

The 2nd time you were here dumb founded me. You were asking everyone if they wanted to be prayed for & I felt like I needed to be up there. But I was too chicken & couldn't bring myself to go up. So I said a prayer of my own. I said "God, if I'm meant to be up there & he's supposed to pray for me, then give me a sign. Make him come my way if this is meant to be done."

Now me being skeptical I didn't think anything would happen. But not more than 2 minutes later you came over to my section & asked "Is there a young woman here who does not get along w/ her father?" I just about dropped to the floor. That was a big enough sign for me, but I was so dumb struck that I couldn't move & another young woman went up. I should have gone up but i was not yet ready for that step.

But last night (your 3rd visit), I was ready and I went up. Now I have a new peace in my heart, a calmness, something I have never felt. I want to thank you for introducing me to God & Jesus. Thank you both for taking the time to save souls.

Amber Ricard (Daytona Beach, FL) September 30, 2002

I went to hear Paul preach last night and to meet him and WOW! It was very refreshing! He is so full of the Word and seems to be very mature spiritually. Paul seemed very genuine. He is an incredible Bible teacher.

Cindy (Daytona Beach, FL)

Yo Paul, I love you! You're the greatest thing that happened to us.

Jack (Chinese Bread of Life Church, Oviedo, FL)

Thank you so much for spending time and ministering to us! We love you! You changed our lives.

Joanne (Chinese Bread of Life Church, Oviedo, FL)

Paul, it's great that you are our Pastor. Because you've brought so much changes for the good in my life.

Richard (Chinese Bread of Life Church, Oviedo, FL)

I forgave people that hurt me, but I built walls up between us so they would not hurt me. The Lord told me they have to come down. Tonight they came down!

Barbara Rampalla (Daytona Beach, FL) 10-13-02

Thank you so much for a very informative, and in my opinion "right on facts". I support your effort 100%. This country is in serious trouble if we only present the Islamic point of view. Thank you for your effort to inform a very "non-knowing" population at UCF. It has become the thing to do to actually promote Islam on campus. Christians are becoming an increasingly unwanted population.

Clare Mitchell (Pi Delta Phi President), UCF, Orlando, FL

A young lady testified about the glorious delivering power of Jesus. She had to be constrained by six altar workers while receiving prayer, as she was rolling and flailing around on the ground. Thirty minutes later she came to herself and calmly but joyful announced that she had been delivered while she had an encounter with Jesus!


Upon hearing of Paul's intentions to minister in his nation, Pastor Philip Torboe expressed his utmost gratitude, stating: "Ministers continually fly over our poor nation on their way to preach in the more wealthy nations of Asia, without a thought of stopping here." This same Pastor exclaimed of Paul's ministry: "I feel like the Lord Himself has cut me up to pieces and put me back together again. I feel like a new man. I'm different. Missionaries have been here for 30 years but nobody has brought a message like yours."

Pastor Philip Torboe, Vanuatu, South Pacific

We ministered in an area called Punjab, India. Paul had been there two years prior. Upon revisiting one of the church's, Paul asked the pastor about a Sikh (the religion of that area) man whose daughter had been delivered from a demon when Paul had prayed for her during his previous visit. The Pastor said that the man no longer came to his church. Paul asked, "Why not? Did he walk away from the Lord?" The Pastor replied, "No, he started his own church in another village."

Punjab, India

A 14-year-old girl was bound by unforgiveness and asthma. She was set free and healed. The glorious thing is that we had given her our address in America and she promptly wrote us a detailed letter thanking God and us for her deliverance and healing. She testified that she was now on the worship team and eager to do missions!

Papua New Guinea

In Thailand we were reaching out to the prostitutes in Phuket. We offered free English lessons on the beach. The first day over 20 young women came. We were able to teach them English and share the good news of Christ. A few young women began to come to church with us and we were able to pour into their lives. One lady still writes us.

Phuket, Thailand

We decided to walk the streets one evening and greet the prostitutes with a Scripture with the help of several bilingual Bibles. All of the ladies graciously allowed us to point out various scriptures, which they then would read in their own language. One young woman stopped as we began to show her several verses and suddenly began to exclaim in a loud voice with excitement, "Oh my, oh my, I MUST have one of these, I must." She then testified that she knew the story, of how a man came to earth and died on the cross. When she was a small girl a man had come to her village and began to teach the children from "this book". She went every day to hear him. Then one day he was gone. That was over 20 years ago. She had never again seen that "book" until that night we had shown her the Bible.

Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

In a Kota village (where there was NOT one Christian), Jesus led us to pray  for a parapalegic boy. Unknown to us, this ill boy's brother had kicked out the last missionaries who were there 2 months prior. But God gave us favor and this boy got up and walked, following us around the village. This miracle opened the door for us to preach the Gospel and six men were saved and given Biblical literature in their own language. On our way to our vehicles, people began to pour out of their homes to see this miracle (it was like a happy conclusion from the old tv show little house on the prairie) while happily escorting us to our car. The men who had just been born again began to excitedly declare Jesus and pass out tracts!


A young hindu woman who had come with her mother-in-law to our first night of meetings in that town continued to come back night after night. She testified to the Pastor of the church that she kept coming back because night after night as she returned she became healthier. On the fourth night she was finally COMPLETELY healed.

Among the many healings in India:
- We saw two young girls who were deaf and dumb set free. They were able to hear and speak.
- A young blind boy was healed.

Many times when our team in Indonesia was invited to preach, the church was quite surprised that we allowed women on our team to minister. One time in particular, a team member was asked to speak to a large group of church leaders at a special conference. Upon arriving, the translator got word from the Pastor that he had thought this person was a man. Immediately sensing that something was wrong, the young lady from our group promptly got informed - much to her dismay - the problem concerned her gender. Nevertheless, she pressed through the emotional rejection and determined to bring Christ to them. That night God confirmed His Word with signs following and nearly the entire church and its leaders were on the floor under the Spirit's power. The Pastor who had previously questioned the young lady's ability and felt less of her because she was a woman later exclaimed: "We have not seen a move of God like that in 7 years."

Semarang, Java, Indonesia

As I read this (letter from Paul) I am in tears because I miss the word of God so much. ...You are incredible - reaching out to so many people.

Yvonne Collins

Dear Paul,

My name is Muhammad Hadad, I am a 20 years old male living in Jordan in the Middle East. I am a Christian and I attend the Jordanian Assemblies of God Church. Thank you for your intensely insightful teaching in your book "The Almighty Matchmaker". I mean, that book has been of GREAT encouragement to me, in ways I cant even begin to describe. I was set free from all of what I thought was love, and my spiritual eyes are being opened to God's point of view on relationships and marriage. You are amazing, I was blown away by your story. You can actually feel the Fire of the Holy Spirit simply by reading the text. Paul, you quoted a lot of famous preachers in your text; I promise you this: When I write my book, I'll quote you man. You are just a huge inspiration.

God Bless you,  

Muhammad Hadad (Jordan, Middle East)

When ministering in Irian Jaya, Indonesia we had a great number of people respond to the sermon and give their hearts to Christ the Savior. After later praying for the sick and casting out demons from those who were bound, the Holy Spirit said: "Have another invitation for salvation, those who want to give their lives to Jesus." I thought and said to the Lord, "Lord, I already had an altar call for salvation." The Lord replied, "Have another one." As I yielded to the Spirit's leading and invited whosoever wanted to be saved to come to the altar, Muslims began coming forward to receive Jesus with tears streaming down their faces. Indeed, the kingdom of God is not in word but in power (1Corinthians 4:20). God to my amazement touched those precious Muslims after they received Jesus and they too were laid out on the floor gloriously experiencing God's wonder working power.